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Find out a little bit more about our staff team below.

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Nic Leither


Pastor Nic is originally from rural Minnesota and moved to Colorado in 2015 to attend Iliff School of Theology. He came to Well of Hope in 2023. He was drawn to Well of Hope for the church’s authenticity, inclusivity for all people, and loving community engagement. He likes fishing, gardening, finding new places to eat, trying new recipes, and coaching wrestling at a local high school. His spouse Tamara is an amazing social worker, and his dog Burley is a precious angel who can do no wrong. His favorite book is Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry, his favorite TV show is Ted Lasso, and he listens to lots of different music but can’t pick just one favorite.


Pastor Nic found Lutheranism in seminary during an Intro to Christian History course after spending time all over different Christian denominations. The Lutheran description of Jesus’ unrestricted and abundant love for all people, and presence in our deepest struggles and hurt brought him to seek ordination in the Lutheran Church. He hopes to be a pastor that continues to question and wonder about our relationship with God and with one another with that same inclusive love and presence of Jesus that he found in that classroom and has continued to find in community with others. 


He hopes you feel welcome, included, and celebrated at Well of Hope for who you are and would love to chat sometime over coffee. Just send an email or give him a text. 

Camilla Vaitaitis

Music Director

Camilla Vaitaitis is a pianist, vocalist, guitarist, arranger, composer, and educator based in Denver, CO. She graduated from the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies & Commercial Music and received a Master's degree in Jazz Composition also from Lamont in 2020. 


She plays regularly in several different groups, including her indie rock band Barbara and her original jazz project, the Camilla Vaitaitis Quartet. Camilla dedicates time not only to performing and accompanying throughout Denver, but also to composing and arranging pieces for a variety of groups, including big bands, small ensembles, rock bands, and more. She is a published composer with Brava Jazz Publishing. In addition to actively performing, Camilla maintains a busy schedule teaching piano, guitar, songwriting, and composition.


Camilla has years of previous experience as pianist and music director at churches in Colorado, and is absolutely thrilled to be joining the community at Well of Hope as music director.  

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