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Interested in being apart of how Well of Hope making a difference in our community with a message of Hope and Inclusion? We could use your skills, ideas, and love.

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Part Time Salaried Music Director: (About 10 hours / week)

Who we are and what we are looking for:

We are an inclusive Lutheran congregation that likes liturgy but also likes to try a lot of new things. We are looking for someone to help us imagine new ways to sing and worship together. You don’t need a lot of experience as a Church musician, you don’t need to have your faith life all figured out (in fact its probably good that you don’t), but we do ask that you ask questions about what it means to be a community of faith that worships together, and wants to serve the community in love. If this sounds like something you could get on board with, and want to be a part of imagining and becoming a church like that, great; we want to meet you. 


Send a resume, and contact info to Rev. Nic Leither at: 

General Responsibilities:  

The Music Director will be responsible for planning and leading worship services at Well of Hope. This position requires someone who can play piano and/or guitar, is able to organize and lead music during worship, is able to schedule and coordinate our church musicians (instrumental and vocal), is flexible and open to being creative in worship, and has an understanding or willingness to learn about ELCA Lutheran worship and theology.  

Specific Responsibilities:

1. Preparing for and leading worship services on Sundays and special occasions 

  • Singing and performing instrumental accompaniment regularly as part of  worship (with vacation not to exceed 12 Sundays per annum) 

  • Performing at additional non-Sunday services throughout the church year (i.e.  Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, etc.) as availability allows, or  assisting in contracting a substitute 

  • Performing instrumental accompaniment for lay music ministers offering special  music 

  • Planning worship music and proofing worship supplements (i.e. bulletins, slides) 

  • Mixing and mastering audio in realtime for worship live streams 

  • Purchasing music and music performance/streaming licenses for worship in  concert with the treasurer 

  • Setting up and tearing down music and audio elements used in worship 


2. Recruiting, scheduling, and supporting volunteer worship leaders

  • Contracting guest artists for worship 

  • Scheduling and leading rehearsals with lay music ministers and guest artists 

  • Identifying, scheduling, and training substitute music ministers and audio  engineers for worship

  • Managing schedule of lay music ministers  


3. Managing and maintaining instruments and equipment purchased by  the congregation for worship

  • Managing inventory of both musical and audio gear, including creating proposals for new acquisitions 

  • Maintaining relationships with local technicians and scheduling them to service  inventory items, as necessary 


4. Coordinating invoice settlements with the treasurer, including collection and submission of requisite tax information 



In the year 2024, compensation is to include an annual cash salary of $11,200, paid monthly (with Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, and FICA to be withheld from each paycheck). 

Well of Hope staff members who are developing and leading ministries are encouraged  to participate in continuing education events. Financial support and education leave may  be requested from the Executive Team. 

Paid vacation leave and continuing education leave are to be scheduled after  consultation with the Pastor. 


General Expectations of all Well of Hope Staff Members:

Well of Hope, ELCA’s stated mission is as follows: Empowered by the Holy Spirit, Well of Hope will be a light of hope and inclusion in Castle Rock and beyond. We will proclaim God’s love for all, create community through worship, study and play, and serve in love. It is expected that every member of Well of Hope’s staff will strive to carry out the fullness of this mission and vision in their specific areas of ministry. 

Staff members are to model a spirit of hospitality whenever the congregation is  gathered. This includes being aware of newcomers as well as longer term participants,  paying attention to special needs that arise and responding to them, and doing whatever  is necessary to help people be aware that Well of Hope is a congregation that cares for them, and welcomes them into its midst. 

As leaders in the congregation, it is important that staff members work in a supportive  and cohesive manner. To that end, vigorous and frank discussion is encouraged in staff  meetings, planning sessions, and private meetings between staff members. But when  among members of the congregation and the public it is essential that the staff be  supportive of one another, and supportive of the decisions that have been made as a group.

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